The V&V List

1. Gamble in Las Vegas
2. Go parasailing
3. Learn to surf
4. Go skydiving
5. Never cease to be amazed by a baby's laugh
6. Get my A-License (skydiving)
7. Go scuba diving/obtain license 
8. Climb a mountain
9. Never forget to be grateful for others
10. Sing Karaoke at a bar
11. Get arrested
12. Visit mardi gras 
13. Be part of an organized protest
14. Never buy diamonds
15. Publish some sort of writing
16. Visit 2/3 of the world
17. Get my Master's Degree
18. Get my Ph.D.
19. Graduate undergrad with a 3.5 gpa or better
20. Have sex on the beach/on a raft/in a canoe/in an airplane/in a car
21. Never become bitter
22. Stay up all night
23. Go hang gliding
24. Plant a tree
25. Visit every state in the US
26. Learn how to golf
27. Drive a car going 100mph+
28. Spend 2 weeks on my mother's Alaskan property
29. Always encourage people to reach their full potential
30. Go whitewater rafting
31. Go rock climbing
32. Go hiking in the Grand Canyon
33. Go on a cruise
34. Swim with dolphins
35. Swim with sharks
36. Go zip lining
37. Go bungee jumping
38. Ride in a helicopter
39. Visit Yellowstone National Park
40. Go skinny dipping
41. Look down a volcano
42. Fly a plane
43. Drive a motorcycle
44. Learn to shoot a gun
45. Have a bonfire on the beach
46. Get a tattoo(s)
47. Be fluent in three languages
48. Do the Polar Bear Plunge
49. Be in the best shape of my life when/if I get married
50. Take a long road trip by myself
51. Go cliff jumping
52. Run a half marathon
53. Ride an elephant
54. Go jet skiing
55. Learn how to water ski
56. Visit the Jack Daniels distillery in KT
57. Learn ballroom and swing dancing
58. Sacrifice for my children like my mother did for me
59. Visit the Coral Reef
60. Go ice fishing
61. Swim above Victoria Falls
62. Sleep under the stars
63. Drive a car on the autobahn
64. Become a wine connoisseur
65. Have (at least) one book in each room of my home
66. Visit all the places on my "Travel Lust" list